What Central Banks were Doing in 2016

Historically, gold’s role in the global economy has been as the ultimate safe haven asset. Its value has been closely tied to our perceptions of global stability. Central banks use gold to shore up monetary stability. Fluctuations in a country’s gold reserves reflect how its central...

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The Trump Effect, Reversed

Three weeks after Mr. Trump was elected president, optimism is spreading, driving down gold prices and the US Dollar while 10Y yields go up. Those of you who read our previous post remember this isn’t what we predicted. What caused the market to behave against...

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The World Gold Council’s 2015 Demand Trends

  This month saw the publication of the much-anticipated review of 2015 Gold Demand Trends from the World Gold Council - the world’s leading market development organization for the gold industry. Comprising the leading gold mining companies of the world, it’s widely regarded as the foremost global...

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A Golden Outlook For 2016?

2015 ended with gold slumping to a 6-year low. So what’s the outlook for gold in 2016?   THE DEMAND FOR GOLD TO INCREASE As Frank Lesh, a trader at Future Path Trading LLC said: “At the beginning of the year, people tend to look at different areas...

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Platinum Investment: A Golden Opportunity?

Although the mood surrounding platinum has been grim, more of Malca-Amit Precious Metal's customers believe the white metal is a good prospect. MAPM routinely procures and sells good delivery platinum bars and platinum bullion coins and ingots, in fact sales of platinum have increased seven-fold year-over-year.  
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