Crypto Services

We now offer client services related to cryptocurrencies.


We allow our clients to purchase precious metals using cryptocurrencies, or the other way round, converting precious metals to cryptocurrencies
Clients can also pay for transportation and storage services using cryptocurrencies
We accept the top ten cryptocurrencies in the market


We offer secure vault storage globally of ledgers in at least ten locations
We keep the back-up public key and ledger in separate vaults
Our ledger is kept offline, and as mentioned kept in a vault unless there are transactions to be made


Cryptocurrency is still largely unregulated with volatile pricing
The nature of cryptocurrencies is, in our opinion, not as competitive compared to holding precious metals in the long term
Gold is a safe investment against the potential failure of the market
Converting cryptocurrencies into precious metals such as gold, to be stored in a secure private vault, can help guarantee the client has a stable portion of his/her investment portfolio

PROCESS for converting cryptos to gold:

  • Client turns in the appropriate KYC documents, indicate interest in type of precious metals, volume and storage location
  • Confirmation documents are signed by both parties and we send the deposit wallet address to client
  • Once payment for the requested conversion has been received from client, we liquidate the cryptocurrencies at market price, and at the same time lock in the price of the metals, and proceed with the procurement and delivery of precious metals
  • Client will receive a storage receipt and manifest with details of gold, silver, platinum, palladium bars and coins


Client must disclose his/her wallet address and declare the source of cryptocurrencies
We conduct enhanced due diligence to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of the clients
We only work with third parties that have gone through screening and are compliant
We are engaged with a reputable cutting edge technology firm, which analyses the blockchain record to confirm that the coins were not originated from unlawful activities
Our cryptocurrency ledger stays safe in a vault


Cryptocurrency exchange rates are in a constant state of flux, and our team works closely with the client to optimise the value of the cryptocurrency per client instructions
We are able to accommodate requests to convert cryptocurrencies into physical precious metals and vice versa within a few business days
Due to our years of experience in the market, we offer unparalleled security, total transparency and white glove services

Joshua Rotbart
Founder and managing director

J.Rotbart & Co