3 Years Of Success in Bullion – A Personal Note From Our Managing Partner

We have recently celebrated our 3-year anniversary. During this period we have achieved outstanding success in bullion and precious metals markets. It was an emotional event for me, as we gathered friends and partners for a toast.

This 3-year anniversary not only marks our growth but lets us look back a year and see what we achieved.

This was a very busy year for us. We achieved the goals we set last year. 

  1. We started providing loans to clients, using gold and other precious metals holdings as collateral. This service is aimed at allowing our clients the flexibility of managing their cash flow or letting them make other investments while still keeping their long-term legacy gold, silver, platinum and palladium holdings.
  2. We launched our office in Manila, to cater to our growing client base there.
  3. We officially launched JR-Crypto (www.jr-crypto.com). JR-Crypto targets investors in cryptocurrencies, offering them a secure way to move funds from the volatile and virtual market of cryptos to the stable and safe world of physical gold. We have been pitching the advantages of gold as a way to protect clients profits for a long time. Now we have a robust ecosystem that allows two-way market from gold to crypto and vice versa, without compromising on our strict Anti-Money-Laundering and Know-Your-Client policies.

Since Q4 2018, gold bullion has proved itself yet again to be a good portfolio diversifier and store of value. We plan to gain more traction in Hong Kong, to expand to other jurisdictions in the region, and to see how we can contribute to the coming technological leap of digitizing gold. Next year I will tell you how it all went …

Gold Bullion 3 Years Of Success – A Personal Note From Our Managing Partner 1  3 Years Of Success in Gold Bullion  A Personal Note From Our Managing Partner 3 Years Of Success in Gold Bullion

This is an ideal opportunity to thank our wonderful team.

Ms. Tatiana Prokofeva, our Business Operations Manager, is the cornerstone of our company. She provides our clients with the peace of mind that their precious holdings are safe and secure.

My youngest brother Zvika, through hard work, manages to oversee the development of JR-Crypto, nurture our relationships in the Philippines and manage the office in Manila.

Finally, my brother Jonathan and my wife Moran for the continuous support.

We would like to thank our clients, and our business partners from the secure logistics industry, crypto and blockchain industry, banking and wealth management industry.

3 Years Of Success – Our Managing Partner Personal Note Gold Bullion Success  Gold Bullion 3 Years Of Success – Managing Partner J.Rotbart  3 Years Of Success in Gold Bullion– Our Managing Partner

Why do we do it?

We are a family business managed by 3 brothers, and our core value and our incentive to be in this business is PROTECTION OF FAMILY WEALTH. For us, gold and bullion are tools for protecting family wealth against the growing modern world uncertainties, and for helping families pass their wealth to the next generation.

This is WHY we do it, and it affects HOW WE DO IT.

I strongly believe that gold Bullion is amongst the best assets to safeguard one’s wealth. I see it each and every day when I meet a father looking to transfer gold holdings to his sons, or a daughter selling gold coins she inherited from her mother.

Gold Bullion is long-lasting protection.


3 Years Of Success – A Personal Note From Our Managing Partner 9

3 Years Of Success – A Personal Note From Our Managing Partner 8     3 Years Of Success – A Personal Note From Our Managing Partner 7