Buying Precious Metals

J. Rotbart & Co. only acquires newly minted precious metals from members of the prestigious London Bullion Market Association. So, you can be certain of the quality of the bullion bars or coins you buy through us.

J. Rotbart & Co.

Buy, Sell, Store, & Ship Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium

Buying Precious Metals with J. Rotbart & Co. guarantees you the peace of mind that comes with proven experience.

Whether you are Buying Precious Metals like gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, discerning investors rely on J. Rotbart & Co. We, at J. Rotbart & Co., are experts in precious metals, making us the best resource for buying and selling bullion bars and coins. With our extensive experience and vast network, your every transaction will be treated with the highest care and confidentiality while meeting the highest standards and your precise requirements.

J. Rotbart & Co. deals with only the most reputable sources when acquiring minted and cast precious metals. Every supplier is a member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) or the London Palladium and Platinum Market (LPPM), ensuring that the bullion bars or coins you purchase are authentic and of the highest quality.

Enjoy a clear and fully transparent purchase

As precious metals experts, we break down every step and guide every client through the buying process. Our pricing is competitive and fully transparent – you will see where we base our prices on the metal’s spot price and on what service charges. There are no hidden fees or surprise added fees after the fact.

Your metals are always fully in your control

Your bullion is allocated to you alone and has a unique serial number to each and every bar, allowing for convenient identification and tracking. You can always find and trace your holdings.

Customize your purchase to your unique needs

We can help you build the right portfolio for you based on your investment strategy. We will explain all the options and how we came to customise your purchase. You can set a ceiling price for the precious metals you wish to purchase. You can also set other parameters, such as setting a timeframe and purchase price through a Good-to-Cancel order. Furthermore, payment options include wire transfer and UnionPay for even greater flexibility

Enjoy unparalleled peace of mind with our full service

We assume all responsibility for your precious metals from the moment the metals are entrusted in our hands and while in storage, until you take delivery or decide to sell your goods . While you can make your own arrangements once you receive your purchase, J. Rotbart & Co. provides a full range of precious metals services, including secure storage and transportation.

Assay card or certificate details the results

Upon completion, you should receive an assay card or an assay certificate. This should have details confirming the process and results. Expect such information as date, purity, weight, and dimensions, as well as a unique serial number and mint mark. Each of these data contribute towards verifying the precious metals you are buying or selling are pure.

Certificates of Authenticity are not assay cards

If you are offered a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA), you may want to ask for an assay card or certificate as well. A CoA does not usually mean there was a detailed, expert assay completed. It is often issued with a coin or other commemorative item to verify authenticity, but not necessarily purity.

Selling Precious Metals to Us, including Buybacks

J. Rotbart & Co. knows that sometimes you need to sell your precious metals. While we also offer financing options, investors around the world rely on us when they want to sell their precious metals.

Confidential, prompt, and convenient sales transactions

We understand that you want a confidential yet expedient process, so we offer straightforward options. We will buy back any precious metals that you bought from and stored with us. Any precious metals from other sources or stored elsewhere may need to be fully assayed or inspected to confirm their authenticity.

Clarity in fees and process

No matter if you are looking to Buying precious metals with J Rotbart & Co., to allow you to make a fully informed decision, we explain clearly any costs or fees so that you understand our pricing before the sale of your goods. You receive a fair and competitive market price for your precious metals, with proceeds wired promptly and according to your instructions.

How it works

Buying precious metals with J. Rotbart & Co. in Hong Kong or Singapore is a clear, straightforward process. Once you open your account with us, you can immediately take advantage of all our services. As a full-service firm, this means you can do more than buy and sell precious metals.

Buying precious metals Precious Metals | J.Rotbart & Co 2021

Opening an account

Account opening is simple (often taking just 8 hours) and the same for all our services, so you only need to go through this process once.
  • Complete a simple due diligence process.
  • Fill out an account opening form.
Once approved and opened, you can begin transactions with us.

Buying precious metals

  1. Place your order for gold, silver, platinum, or palladium:
    • Tell us if you need transportation or storage services.
    • We will send you a pre-filled order form based on the then current spot price.
    • Sign the form and set the ceiling price.
    • Pay for order through wire transfer using the purchase amount detailed in the order form as reference.
  2. J. Rotbart & Co. executes your order at the spot price as long as it is below your ceiling price. If the spot price is higher than your ceiling price, you will inform you immediately and request further instruction. If you require transport or storage services, we will make the necessary arrangements for a seamless process.
  3. Upon purchase, receive your documentation:
    • Invoice.
    • Account statement – if the spot price locked for you was lower than the one specified in the order form, we will send you back any excess funds. If the spot price was higher than in the order for, but below your ceiling price, we will ask that you wire us the outstanding balance.
    • If you used our transport or storage services, you will receive additional documents:
      • Storage receipt: vault location and details of goods stored.
      • Manifest: details of every bar and coin purchased
        • brand
        • purity
        • weight
        • serial number
      • Photos of the purchased item.

Selling precious metals

  1. Place your order by telling us what gold, silver, platinum, or palladium items you would like to sell:
    • Tell us if you need transportation services.
    • We will send you a pre-filled order form
    • Sign the form.
    • If you are storing your bullion with other custodians, please transfer the metals to us.
  2. J. Rotbart & Co. executes your sell order at the prevailing spot price.
  3. Upon sale completion:
    • Receive your documentation:
      • Purchase order.
      • Account statement.
    • We will wire you the proceeds from the sale.


We can open an account within 8 hours upon receiving the necessary documents. Once approved, we will activate your account, and you can begin transacting whenever you wish.

Yes, we offer joint accounts. The advantage is that goods can be accessed by other account holders, and in case of one account holder’s death, the other holders will still have access to the goods.

Once you open an account with us, you can submit your purchase order, which includes:

  • Which precious metal you want to buy – gold, silver, platinum or palladium
  • Whether you want bars or coins.
  • How much you would like to buy.
  • Any additional instructions (e.g. transport or storage)

We then prepare an order form for your approval and signing, and once the payment is done, we execute your order by buying as instructed – then transferring the title to your name.

After we complete the purchase, we will send you a storage receipt, a manifest with the full bullion details, a photo of your goods, and an invoice.

You can pay for your purchase with bank wires or UnionPay.

No. We do not set any minimums or maximums on purchases we transact.

Of course you can. We accept limited orders, so that you can set your target price, guaranteeing your purchase price or sell price.

We only work with refineries and mints that are members of the London Bullion Market Association and London Platinum and Palladium Market. We also deal with newly minted and cast bullion bars and coins, to ensure authenticity and quality.

Yes. However, we will need to have the metals inspected and authenticated before we can proceed.