Secure Global Shipping

J. Rotbart & Co. has an established world-wide network with the most reputable logistics companies specializing in precious metals transport to safely and securely deliver your holdings to exactly where you need them.

Secure Global Shipping | J.Rotbart & Co in 2021

Transport Your Precious Metals Securely with J. Rotbart & Co.

J. Rotbart & Co. understands there is more to physical precious metals investment than buying and selling. You also require safe, secure, professional transportation and secure global shipping of your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion bars and coins. We have established a global network of world-class logistics firms that are experts in conveying valuables like precious metals.

With J. Rotbart & Co, you can have your precious items securely delivered anywhere in the world with ease with our global shipping network.

Aviation and gold J. Rotbart & Co. Your Precious Metals Experts

Depend on Us for Safe and Secure Global Shipping

We offer much more than our expertise in secured logistics.

Our global network includes the world’s largest and most reputable secure logistics companies. We identify the best company with the most competitive pricing for you, then we follow up to ensure safe delivery, on time, and as scheduled, to anywhere you need – around the corner or across the world, in over 35 countries. Every transaction is fully secured and insured, while our team of experts ensures seamless service, from pick-up to shipping to customs clearance and all the way to the final destination.

The most secure and reliable armored vehicles manned by highly trained, skilled professionals will transport your precious metals and valuables safely and discreetly. Your instructions will be followed, and you can track your goods with an advanced tracking system that receives continuous updates.

J. Rotbart & Co. Values Your Valuables

J. Rotbart & Co. can arrange domestic and international transport for all your valuables, whether it is bullion you purchased from us or other valuables such as gems, jewelry, fine art, or other collectibles.

Once in our hands, we assume full liability for your precious metals and valuables until we deliver them as you required.

Secure global shipping is just one of the many services that J. Rotbart & Co. offers. We want to be your full-service provider for all your precious metals needs. Contact us today to find out how we can deliver the best bullion solution for you.


Yes. We can transport your precious metals as well as any other valuables you need moved.

Yes. We can also pick up and deliver to residences or offices.

No. We can make all the arrangements, deal with custom clearance and oversee the process on your behalf.

Yes. We take responsibility for your valuables as soon as we receive them.