Global Shipping

Ship your precious metals investments in absolute security.
We have teamed up with Malca-Amit Group to offer you the world’s most reliable and secure transportation service.
Malca-Amit Group is the preeminent logistics provider for the diamond industry and has applied the same expertise to the precious metals sector. The company routinely services banks, financial institutions and jewellery dealers worldwide.

Precious Metal Shipping Services – Benefits

Aside from the peace of mind that comes with working with one of the most trusted names in logistics, there are a host of other reasons to let us ship your precious metals:

  • Flexibility – Enjoy both domestic and international shipping.
  • Coverage and convenience – Access a global network of over 75 offices working to ensure your shipment’s safe and timely arrival.
  • Online tracking – Most shipments can be tracked online.
  • Insured delivery – Enjoy liability coverage for physical loss while in transit.

We provide shipping solutions for other valuables, such as jewelry, gems, artworks etc.

Joshua Rotbart
Founder and managing director

J.Rotbart & Co