Giving the Gift of Gold and precious metals in Asia

Precious Metals have been an integral part of people’s lives for millennia. This Gold continues to have a tremendous impact on today’s economy and society as a whole. So deep is this influence on us that gold bullion plays an intrinsic role in customs and traditions around the world.

In Asia, many celebrations and commemorations are not complete or fully realized unless precious metals play its part. Gold bullion, coins, and jewelry serve as gifts and offerings for many social events and gatherings.

Gold, an Illustrious Birthday Gift


In India, gold is an auspicious gift. Often expected as a gift at weddings, birthdays, and even for childbirths, gold is a fundamental part of Indian culture and is presented at most ceremonies. Aside from being highly valued, sometimes more than money, many in India consider gold lucky. So, it’s no wonder that this precious metal is the highest form of gift in the country.

Consider that in September 2019, a supporter of Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, offered a 1.25 kg gold crown to the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple. He bequeathed the gold to commemorate the Prime Minister’s 69th birthday. The supporter said that he gave the gold crown because he wanted Modi and the future of their nation to shine like gold.

South Korea

Like in India, physical gold is among the most common gifts in South Korea. This is especially the case for first birthday celebrations. Not only is gold given to commemorate this milestone in life, but there is also a practical consideration. A person can easily convert gold into cash in an emergency.

Moon Sang Soo, a Seoul resident, shared in a New York Times interview that he received more than twenty 24-karat gold rings on his first birthday. His son also received many gold rings on his first birthday, too, in line with this Korean custom.

In countries like Japan and China, grandparents shower their grandbabies with gifts of precious metals too, but they do this on the baby’s first month or 100th day.

Giving the Gift of Gold in Asia

Precious Metals, Perfect to Mark a Marriage


As part of a wedding ceremony, couples still practice a longstanding tradition called Sin Sod in Thailand. During Sin Sod, the groom offers a dowry, a predetermined amount of property or money, to the bride’s parents. Part of this ceremony is the Tong Mun, or gold engagement. This is when the groom gives his bride a gift in gold. It is believed that the more gold given, the better the couple’s future.

In Surat Thani, a 43-year-old man married his 28-year-old colleague. During the Tong Mun, the bride and her family received 1.5 million baht and 50-baht weight in gold, equal to the bride’s body weight.


A pre-wedding ceremony called Jing Cha, which means to respectfully offer tea, is observed in China. It includes very formal introductions of the bride and groom and is a sign of respect to both families. During this tea ceremony, the groom’s family offers gifts, including gold jewelry, to the bride for her to use on her wedding day.

In an article by Michelle Yuan, the founder of the Asia Wedding Network, she shared her tea ceremony experience. She explained how the tea ceremony is a significant custom and how the gifts and jewelry items were a big part of it.

Let Gold Be Part of Every Special Event

Gold has a significant role in many countries and cultures. It is not just a precious metal that is a crucial part in the global economy. It is integral to the rich cultures of Asia. Gold adds more sparkle, glitter, and value to almost every event and ceremony. These customs show that gold is not only a good investment and portfolio diversifier, it is also a treasured gift for family and friends. More importantly, it helps keep traditional cultural practices alive.

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