Legacy Trustee Ltd x J. Rotbart & Co. – MoU Signing Ceremony

16th November 2023


On Thursday, Legacy Trustee Ltd held an exclusive event in Singapore to announce the onboarding of their partners, amongst them are wealth managers and other service providers providing solutions to high-net-worth individuals, such as global tax planning companies, trust companies, as well as J. Rotbart & Co., as a physical precious metals solutions provider.  The success of the event was also captured by numerous news outlets such as JCN NewswireBusiness News AsiaPRWIRE etc.

To make the most of this opportunity, J. Rotbart & Co. provided a unique experience to the attendees: a visit to Le Freeport and to Loomis International vaults in this facility. The attendees were impressed by the high level of security, and by the various assets stored in the facility, such as precious metals, fine art, fine wines and more. Through this collaboration, we look forward to giving  ultra/high net worth clients access to our one-stop physical precious metals trading and storage echo-system offered globally in 13 countries!

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