Nomad Capitalist – The Best Gold Coins to Buy (from Kruggerands to Maple Leafs)

Since the moment humans first discovered gold, its appeal has captivated us. This shared fixation for gold across all civilizations led to the widespread acceptance of gold as a medium of exchange, ultimately giving rise to the gold standard. 

Although the gold standard has since ended, the price and production of gold have continued to soar, to meet increasing demand. 

More than 58 million ounces (1,800 tonnes) of the world’s most successful gold bullion coin alone, the Krugerrand, has been produced since 1970.

With so many gold coin options now available in today’s markets, which gold coin should you invest in? Which countries are the best for buying gold? Keep reading for a summary of the best gold coins to buy, as well as bonus insights from our gold experts.  

Gold South African Krugerrand


The 1 oz Gold Krugerrand coin, produced by the South African Rand Refinery, holds a prominent place on our list.

Comprising 91.7% gold, the Krugerrand coin incorporates copper for the remaining metal content. It was first introduced in 1964, making it the pioneering gold bullion coin and available to the general public in South Africa, and it quickly gained global popularity as one of the most sought-after gold bullion coins.

Its name, “Krugerrand,” is a combination of Paul Kruger, South Africa’s first Boer president, and the official currency, the rand. With a profile of Paul Kruger adorning one side and the Springbok, the national animal of South Africa, embellishing the other, this coin exudes a distinctive aesthetic appeal.

During the years of apartheid, nations imposed sanctions on South Africa, causing the Krugerrand to become less accessible globally, prompting other countries to produce their own gold bullion coins.

However, the Krugerrand remains a popular gold investment option today, offering both excellent value for money and widespread availability. 

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins  

Originally crafted in 1986 and officially launched in 1989, this gold bullion coin was specifically created to cater to European gold investors.

The Vienna Philharmonic quickly gained popularity, becoming the best-selling coin in Europe and the second best-selling worldwide in 1990. 

It received further recognition in 1992, 1995, 1996, and 2000 when the World Gold Council declared it the top-selling gold coin globally. 

The 1 oz Gold Philharmonic Coin from the Austrian Mint captures the spirit of Vienna’s music resonating within the Vienna Concert Hall…

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