Nomad Capitalist – Why You Shouldn’t Buy Numismatics

24th July, 2023

Are you interested in numismatics? Certainly, a fascinating field that encompasses history and economics, but is it a good investment or a viable asset protection option?

Nomad Capitalist further discusses what exactly these coins are, why you shouldn’t buy numismatics, and what better options are available in their latest article:

The article also further discusses the following points:

1. What is Numismatics?

Numismatics refers to the study or collection of various forms of currency, which includes coins, tokens, paper money, medals, and related items.

People who specialize in this field, usually collectors, are known as numismatists. These coin-collecting enthusiasts examine the physical characteristics, production, and historical background of different types of currency, including collectible coins.

Numismatics is not the same as an academic historical and economic study of money. Rather it focuses on the physical characteristics of payment methods rather than their use and role in an economy.

2. Value of Numismatics?

Instead of using these coins at face value, collectors remove them from circulation so that they can collect or invest in them. Numismatics no longer circulate in the markets and have ceased to serve as money in an economic sense.

For this reason, numismatic coins can be sold for much more than their actual worth or the value of the material or precious metal they are made of. For example, some 20th-century silver coins worth 25 cents can be traded for tens of thousands of dollars each. Each numismatic value is based on its rarity, demand, and quality. This is what attracts some to the field as an investment opportunity…to be continued.

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