Why Entrust Your Precious Metals Storage to J. Rotbart & Co.?

Gold and other precious metals Storage continue to attract investors as safe-haven assets. This is especially true now, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to negatively impact global economies. Investing in physical precious metals provides direct ownership of tangible assets that you can hold confidentially. Furthermore, these holdings are safe from counterparty risks and can be liquidated more easily than regulated paper holdings such as stocks.

Investing in Physical Gold Requires High-Quality Precious Metals Storage

Physical gold and precious metals are excellent choices for hedging and balancing your investment portfolio. Part of the process in purchasing physical gold bullion bars and coins is deciding on your storage solutions.

J. Rotbart & Co. is a full-service precious metals firm. This means that, in addition to buying, selling, transporting, and financing gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, we offer comprehensive storage services.

J. Rotbart & Co. Offers State-of-the-art Storage Services

Owning precious metals bullion bars and coins provides peace of mind that other investments cannot. To further facilitate this reassurance, store your holdings in the most convenient and secure place possible. J. Rotbart & Co. offers a range of solutions that go beyond the storage services at a bank or private vault.

We have cultivated an impressive network of private vaults strategically located around the world for our clients. All are in tax-free zones. Every location meets the highest standard in security, privacy, and confidentiality. Your goods are stored in segregated sections, whether you select a vault or safe deposit box option. The latest security equipment and comprehensive protocols protect your valuables.

Why Entrust Your Precious Metals Storage to J. Rotbart

Our Precious Metals Storage Solutions Include More Than a Vault

Choosing J. Rotbart & Co. to store your precious metals means you get more than a secure box with a lock. We have developed our exceptional reputation as a leading precious metals firm by providing additional assurances and services to our clients.

This begins with taking responsibility for your valuables. We back up the advanced security protocols physically in place at our vaults with unparalleled insurance coverage. In addition to the vault operator’s insurance policy, J. Rotbart & Co. maintains its own extensive crime and cybercrime coverage.

We Provide Additional Security and Access

By storing the precious metals you purchased through our company with us, you receive the added security of our annual audits. These audits, conducted by an LBMA-approved auditor, verifies every item entrusted to us. With each visit, the auditor inspects, counts, and weighs goods, comparing them to clients’ manifest. Upon confirmation, you will receive a copy of the independent audit report, assuring you that your holdings are secure and have not been tampered with.

Beyond knowing that your precious metals are secure, entrusting J. Rotbart & Co. with your bullion bars and coins means you can easily take advantage of our other services:

  • Transport: send your holdings to another vault in our network or to any location in the world using our global transport services.
  • Liquidate: as we have been custodians of your precious metals, we can quickly and conveniently sell your holdings with minimal paperwork and processing.
  • Financing: we offer private loans back by precious metals as collateral; again, as custodians, the process becomes much more efficient.

J. Rotbart & Co. For All Your Precious Metals Storage Needs

Storing your physical gold, silver, platinum, or palladium with J. Rotbart & Co. is ideal. You have one point of contact for all your precious metals needs, including our world-renown expertise in buying, selling, transporting, storing, and financing. Becoming a client is a simple process — get in touch and find out how J. Rotbart & Co. can help you with your precious metals needs today.