Esquire Magazine: Got $100K? Here’s Why You Should Invest In Gold

A new bespoke precious metals service can handle all your gold-related concerns.

Gold has always been a popular investment vehicle for the world’s wealthiest so it was quite a surprise to hear that that isn’t the case here in the Philippines, and why you should invest in gold. According to Joshua Rotbart, founder and managing partner of J. Rotbart and Co., while there is an acknowledgement of gold as a precious metal and a thriving, ground-level buy-and-sell industry, there has been no formal system of gold trading here in the country until their company opened a Manila office earlier this year.

Invest In Gold a safe and Reliable Investment

“It didn’t exist,” Rotbart said during a briefing to introduce their company and its services here in the country. “Nobody was doing it, at least not at the scope and level that we offer.”

For centuries, gold has remained a safe and reliable investment for everyone from private individuals and corporations to governments. Rotbart said the metal’s relevance has become even more pronounced in recent years because of global market uncertainties and socio-political instability in many parts of the world, its why the savvy investor, invests in Gold. The Philippine government itself keeps most of its 200-ton gold reserves—24th biggest in the world—safe in vaults in London, UK.

Source: Esquire Magazine: Got $100K? Here’s Why You Should Invest It In Gold