Time to Say Goodbye 2015 a great year to buy gold bars: The Precious Metal Year in Review

2015; A Great Year To Buy Gold Bars

2015 was a fantastic year for J Rotbart & Co. and our clients that came to buy gold bars. Our client numbers grew 45% over the course of the year, as many new investors entered the precious metals market. We also observed an increase in the average investment per client, likely due to the falling prices of most metals.

Time to Say Goodbye 2015 a great year to buy gold bars: The Precious Metal Year in Review

Thanks for a great 2015 – Looking forward to sharing an exciting 2016 together!


On 1st January 2015, the price of gold was around USD 1,184/oz, by the end of the third quarter it had plummeted to USD 1,085/oz. By this point, many were speculating whether the price of gold would hit a low of USD 1,000/oz, but at the time of writing, the price of gold had fallen to US 1,077/oz.

It’s a rise from the 2015 low of USD 1,050/oz, however, it’s still thought the price of gold is likely to drop further in the first quarter of 2016. We will wait and see.

For silver, it was much the same story; it began the year https://www.laserforeyes.com/buy-klonopin-online/ valued at USD 15.83/oz and has dropped to USD 14.35/oz at the time of writing.
With the prices of both gold Bars and silver dropping this year, investment in physical metals grew sharply, with demand in people wishing to buy gold bars and silver but also platinum as well.

A STRONG YEAR FOR J.Rotbart & Co. Precious Metals – THANKS TO YOU!

From our inception in 2011 to date, we’ve seen investments in physical gold bars and coin increasing steadily. This year we’ve processed more than six times the total purchase orders we received when we just launched.

This success is thanks to our loyal customers who have shown support and trust in J. Rotbart & Co when they buy gold bars Precious Metals over the years.
With 2016 looking to be another interesting year for gold and other precious metals, we believe investors will continue to be active in this space, and we look forward to facilitating that activity.

From everyone at Malca-Amit Precious Metals, we wish you a very Happy Holiday!
We look forward to working together in 2016, and promise you a wealth of exciting new investment opportunities with which to secure your future!